Our Pre-Primary environment is of a mixed age group from two and a half to six years of age. The classroom is based on the child learning in areas—Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematic and Culture—having the freedom to choose their work, gently directed by the educator. This freedom within limits enables the child to discover for themselves, allowing them to develop their own skills at the appropriate time. Learning within this nurturing environment, our pre-schoolers grow in both confidence and independence, preparing them for the Primary School.



Sports and Culture

gympreIn our Pre-Primary the children enjoy a gym programme organised by our Sports Coach on the basis of 13 key components necessary to follow the child’s physical abilities.
Music is incorporated into the curriculum which includes singing, dance and movement. These 40 minute lessons encourage expression from the children, releasing inhibitions and allowing them the fun of being who they are and more.

Yoga is offered in our Pre-Primary, teaching good posture, stretching and strength, effective breathing, positive self-talk, gratitude and relaxation. A good start for an enriched life style.

Golf is a private option for those students wishing to take lessons. This is a specialised program which enhances leadership, confidence, responsibility, courage and self-improvement.