It is here that the student is working on the adult they are to become. Social graces and etiquettes play an important role as they move into the stage of greater communication and the need for justice. Their minds move to greater abstraction and imagination and their concern for the community becomes greater. This is where their questions are to be answered through their own research and dedication to their own learning. Their enjoyment of project-based work develops both their knowledge and social interactions. Whilst the Montessori curriculum is still followed, the building blocks for an international curriculum are being set in place.



Sports and Culture

The Upper Primary students are offered a wide range of school sports from volleyball, netball, soccer, cricket, hockey to athletics. Our school coach designs the timetable each term according to the requirements of the students each term.
Art is presented to the Upper Primary students using the basic components of art. They learn concepts such as shape, line, shading and texture. Throughout the programme they are introduced to the use of various materials in choosing ways to express their talents.
Yoga is taught by a private company who teach good posture, stretching and strengthening, effective breathing, positive self-talk, gratitude and relaxation. A good start to an enriched life style.

Music forms part of the curriculum and therefore all of our Lower Primary students participate in singing, with our older students learning recorder.
debatingupperAn extensive cultural program is available to the Upper Primary students, which include drama, debating, public speaking and leadership. This forms part of the curriculum.
chessupperChess offers three parts to a chess game, playing with clocks and notation and being an excellent support to the mathematic mind and logical thinking.

hiphopupperHip hop dancing is a fun Friday activity for those wishing to join. This improves on co-ordination, timing and rhythm as well as having lots of fun.
equpperLeadership skills  and Emotional Intelligence programmes are a further area of our curriculum providing life skills workshops enabling the children to deal with everyday situations which they are presented with.
upper-computersComputer lessons form part of the curriculum during which the students learn the basic software as well as coding.